My first post at my new blog

I think this is all very exciting! This is my first post in my new blog.

Maybe I should give you some ideas about which topics I want to write. I will basically write about all topics I am passionate about. Currently these are mainly two which are very different, the one topic is human rights, the other one is the arts. I have been interested in human rights for a long time, but I was never very active. I signed a couple of petitions, but I did not really do any more than that. This dramatically changed earlier this year when I read about the Saudi Arabian blogger Raif Badawi. I have explained in same detail why his case caught my attention so much and I will repost my article here. I started tweeting for and about him under the name @CiLuna27 and I really enjoy the possibility to get into contact with people everywhere in the world and share and campaign for a common cause. I soon took up other cases as well. Apart from Raif Badawi I support currently the following human rights defenders & prisoners of conscience:

I will certainly write about all of them over time.

My second passion are the Arts. This includes classical music, opera, poetry, literature and art. I love going to concerts, museums and exhibitions. I want to write about the events I particularly enjoyed or which I find worth mentioning. I hope there will be many readers of this blog and I am looking forward to comments and questions.

6 thoughts on “My first post at my new blog

  1. Excellent exposition! I find myself being partial on both counts.

    As a human, it’s quite easy to empathize—especially for individuals opposing inhumane treatment from an inhuman and/or indifferent mechanism (a government or a corporation, for example). The list is useful to individuals not familiar (myself included) because it has been purposed for research, memory, and, at the very least, the establishment of metaphysical intimacy with these individuals.

    As an arts enthusiast, I’m interested in discerning your taste and broadening mine, depending on your associated or referred content.


  2. In terms of first impressions, my only gripe would be “comment[s]…awaiting moderation.” It’s a bit disappointing to see an apparent “open-minded” (allowing) writer opt for such a tyrannical disallowance. Before a comment can even be posted, it’s censured—thereby rendering all displayed comments as questionable at best and propagandistic (i.e., strictly aiding and promoting the writer) at worst. (The restriction is a contradictory observance, given your blog’s first objective.)

    Cleaning up vandalism (in our case, spam and personal attacks) is one thing; disallowing for a broad spectrum of thought is another.


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