Hossein Ronaghi: Imprisonment is not the answer.

Many of you participated in the Tweet Storm on Monday in support of Hossein Ronaghi Maleki. Thank you very much for that. I am certain it was good for him to see how many take an interest in his case and support him. The memory of this love is hopefully something which will give him strength back in prison.

Here are links to the updated Amnesty Urgent Action and Pen International Action. Here is a link to the Amnesty Urgent Action in German (via Amnesty Deutschland). Please follow the links and write to Iran and ask them to release him and quash the unjust sentence. Please also continue to tweet about him and raise awareness on other social media about him.

He returns to prison today. I am sure many of you are interested in his thoughts before he left to present himself to the prosecutor to be arrested, therefore I reblog his last post on Facebook (in an English translation via Laleh’s blog):



Oh January 19, 2016 Hossein Ronaghi presented himself at the Tehran Prosecutor’s Office per orders of the IRGC Intelligence Unit to be taken back into custody.
Before leaving he posted on his Facebook page:

I believe that the answer to any opinion is never imprisonment.

This is why I am returning to prison:

My not returning will result in confiscation of the collateral set for my bail, which is morally wrong and unprincipled. Seizing the collateral would be legal only if I was not reachable or my whereabouts were unknown in case of need for arrest. Despite the fact that I provided my address to judicial authorities for my arrest at their will, this did not happen and ultimately I was told per orders of the IRGC Intelligence unit I was to return to prison.

Also as my mother says, “This is our homeland and we are not the ones…

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